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Patrick Daneluk
Born in Michigan
18 years
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Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.Mahatma Gandhi

Patrick  ( Pat ) David Daneluk ( May 13, 1988 - December 15, 2006 ) I have created this page in loving memory of my son. A life too short and taken from us way too early. I love you son!



     My sweet son was taken from us suddenly and tragically in a car accident at White Lake Rd and Dixie Hwy in Clarkston Michigan. He died instantly.  Beloved son of Gary Allen Daneluk of Grayling Michigan and Sara Elizabeth Bryant and stepson of MAJ William Bryant of Miami, Florida. Beloved brother Keith Allen Daneluk ,22, of Miami, Florida. His sisters Alisha,18,Nichole,14,and Samantha,11, Bryant. Beloved by his grandparents, Henry and Helen Daneluk of Detroit,Michigan and William and Rosemary Cather of Lincoln Park, Michigan and Pauline Widak of Philadelphia, PA. Patrick was a aeronautical engineering student at Western State University of Michigan and a graduate of St Mary's Prep of Orchard Lake Michigan.


Letter to my precious boy


Dearest Patrick,

     Your passing has been extremely hard on me and your older brother Keith. Our hearts are severely broken and we miss so much. My love will always be with you. Each precious memory of you I have will remain in my heart and in my mind.

     I cry when I see little boys with brown hair and big brown eyes, thinking to myself that in just an instance, or shutter speed of a camera, that they can be taken by the angels. I cry when I see the teenagers hanging out with their friends and when I have gone to the campus with Keith seeing all the young men and look around and pray to God that this is just some cruel joke and that you will walk out from the crowds of college campus and walk up to me and say.. Momma.. it has been a long time....

     I love you sweet boy... not just for yesterday, today, but a forever of tomorrows. I hope that God and his angels have given you your golden wings and that you are having the time of your life. I know you can see my pain, my heart ache and my love... I know with God's help you have.

                                           Forever in my heart

                                               I love you!



 Here I will share your life story, our grief, and for others that miss you and love you can come and visit you.


We love you son!!!




Latest Memories
Sara Bryant

Here is a little video of Patrick that was sent to me from a friend of his.


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Sara Bryant

My sweet son was taken from us on Dec 15th, 2006... yesterday, his ashes were placed in their urns. One for Keith and I, which we decided to put together and place gently into their resting spot until our passings. A keepsake urn sent to his beautiful girlfriend, and a little saved for our heart shaped jewlery.


Our hearts broke even further. Sinking lower into the depth of despair. I try so desperately to hold the thoughts of your smiling face, and the pictures that show this that I have... but the thought of you as we last seen you, so broken, still pounding through our minds.  Keith and I pray each day that you did not hurt, that you didn't feel a thing as the tractor trailer made contact with your car.. that the moment the angels came for you to take you home to God was one of love.. as you were saying this to your girlfriend.


I love you so much Patrick.. my heart so beaten and day Son, we will be together... I must go for now.. as the tears are flowing again and I can not stop them.... I love you so much sweet boy!



Sara Bryant
My beautiful sweet baby boy was born at Port Huron Vally Hospital at 8:35am on May 13, 1988. Weighing in at 5lbs 13ozs  and 18 inches long. Three weeks early by scheduled cesearan. He came out with a head full of blonde fuzzy curls and dark blue eyes. He was the cutest baby that a mother could have. Round face, big eyes and small cheek dimples that he displayed with every yawn, gas bubble and coo. He was a perfect baby and was good as gold. He rarely cried and had a sweet personality from the moment he came into this world.

Latest Condolences
Thrasher Miss you, my friend. December 11, 2012
Its been 6 years, since it hit Winter every year...i've become increasingly more depressed about our final words. If only I held onto you for longer when we talked, then maybe we could have met in 2007 like we arranged.

I miss you, Patrick. Or as I knew you as, King Gordare.

You once called me your best friend, we talked for a long time, I took you under my wing and you did the same for me when I was at my lowest points in my life. You even wished me well.

December 14th, 2006. I had a motorcycle accident which nearly shattered both kneecaps...then on the passed away. You wished me back into health. I still feel I should have been killed so you could have lived on. I have a heart painted black, yours was pure and caring. You made people laugh and for those who treated you badly, I was there for you.

On Furcadia, we led a pride together before you split off for the Universal Guardians. Almost went our seperate ways...but we never forgot each other.

Long story short...I miss you like hell, 6 years...6 long years.

Megan Mother to Nicholas Your Loss May 13, 2009
I know and understand your loss, I too lost a son aged 27. If you every need a friend. I am here. Megan Mother to Nicholas. Windsor.
Mahera Pain of losin someone May 12, 2008
Patrick it could have been your 20th birthday.
I have a sister who turns 20 this month and losing our dad is like the biggest grief we have to endure. My dad passed away on this day 13th may; so i am just passing my dearest condolence to you as a mother you have to remain patient; and Hey i can truly sympathise with u; the pain that a person has to endure for losing someone near to you. 
My deepest heart-felt love for you and hope God gives you the strenght to prolong for life-time.

Mahera Fazal
Sara Bryant 3 months since your passing March 16, 2007

My precious boy...  I came home from work last night and stayed up until well past 1am. I watched the clock tick by as the three month anniversary went by. I sat here on my computer I thought about the last time that I seen you, and smiled with tears of happiness and pride as you were at your game. Aunt Jo and I were standing there watching you. My heart pounded so everyone was playing so hard. Your team was slaughtering the other one.


Like always, when I watched your all your games, I had secretly wished that the game wasn't so rough. That you would not have a scratch or bruise on you. Little did I know that then, that those snapshots in life would end so quickly.


One day, I will tell our story, I will share our life with the world. For now, it is just too painful to talk about. The depression too deep. The heart too severely beaten at this point to tell. I know as you are looking down, that you are telling me that I need to take better care of myself. I have lost 35 lbs since your passing...weight that went beyond the stress pounds that came on during your brother's illness that never went away amd now a skelton of bones. The desire to live has left me and just going through the days in a robot state of mind. That is all I can do right now.


Not only has the desire to eat has left me, and have to force myself to swallow the food placed before me. Everything tasting like shoe leather and cardboard,  but the ability to sleep is gone, a few hours here and there is all I get. The pain is too fresh. Too new still to close my eyes. Haunting dreams are more what I dream of. Of your last moment in time. The dectective told me you felt no pain, that it was instantanious. That you probably didn't feel a thing. Leaving out that that there was a probably that you could have. This fear goes far beyond watching you play any sports that you had once had played! There was no bandaides, no creams or ointments for infection, no anything to fix you.


I just hope that God and his beautiful angels did fix you.. that they took you immediately up to heaven under their care the moment of impact. That it was true that you didn't feel anything but seen the glorious light.


I know that you can feel my love and see into my heart the very moment the angels took you into God's hands. You found nothing but the purest of love. Something that has always been there.


Tommorrow, the special urns that I ordered will be prepared for you. That I go to the funeral home and have them placed and Sunday, they will be blessed. I will send the one to Sam on Tues along with the tshirt and a few other things for her. I hope it makes her heart feel better. I don't know how I will make it through either of these tasks at hand.


Please send me some strength to endure this.


     I have been talking to your daddy said he would send me pictures that he had received. He hasn't been doing too great himself, his pain mirrors mine. Keith is going this summer when college gets out to see him in Grayling. Depending on his health depends on the amount of time he goes. The cooler summer will be so much better for him then the hot, humid weather of South Miami. He wants to take some of your ashes to place near Grandma and Grandpa Daneluk's graves so that you can find find them.


       I must close for now, I just can't type through the tears. I love you son.

                                    I love and miss you so!


Sara Bryant (Momma) sweet son... March 13, 2007

Dearest Son,

      Your father called Keith and I to check on us yesterday. I told him we were ok, so he didn't have that to worry about too, but he was not doing well. He is deeply effected by your loss. We are all on the emotional rollercoaster that none of us want to be. He asked how we were handling things and if we were experiencing the same feelings that he was. I replied yes, but inside ,my heart was screaming No I am not ok. I want my son with me!

       I think God was kind to me though by giving me the strength to endure this loss through your brother's bypass brain surgeries and the total of 4 weeks in the hospital for the moyamoya. I was prepared for the worst with him. We knew without the surgeries, he wouldn't make it and was slipping away and at any moment we could loose him.  We knew it was life or death. Never in a million years did we think that God would choose you to be taken from us. I wasn't prepared. I wasn't ready! Can anyone be ready for the loss of a child though?

       I know one day we will be together as a family again. Although at this moment you are with the angels and God and they are keeping you safe. You are singing with them now. I can feel and hear you with the gentle breeze of the spring winds. Your  love and understanding is given to me with the warmth of the sun on my face.

      I must go now, the tears are overwhelming me and it is impossible for me write any more right now. I love you sweet boy! Send me a gentle breeze today. They will be the kiss on my cheek, just as I had given you a kiss on the cheek the very last time I seen you when I said goodbye at the church.


I love my precious angel!



Quick Gallery
Patrick and friend at Senior Prom varsity soccer-second row far left Pat in Hawaii my favorite photo Pat 8th grade Patrick's Furcadia symbol.. Tahir Wolfblade Pat-as he always was.. smiling Pat in Hawaii following graduation Pat on the beaches in Hawaii Patrick Junior Year football picture